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Aiden's Garden

Coloring books and crayons...What a wonderful way to spend time together! Join Gramma and Eva as they chat and color together.  Gramma is wise (as all Gramma's are) and plans a birthday luncheon for Eva's 8th birthday. She shares with Eva her coloring books from times gone by and then surprises Eva with a gift to celebrate their special time together.

This is a Read-n-Color book.  After reading the story, bring the story to life by coloring the pictures.

Humor, an absolute necessity to survive the War of Wits and sometimes Witless in the K-12 public school classroom.

Gina Blue, a Master Substitute Teacher, is without a funny bone and desperately seeking humor.

After enrolling in Humor Acquisition 101, she acquires a silly attitude and begins to write her incredible and satirical tales!  

8 year old Aiden, too old to believe in the magic of the Easter bunny, dreams of growing a veggie garden to help his family.

The Easter bunny and Dad concoct a plan to make Aiden's dream come true by putting seed packets in his Easter basket. The basket also includes a packet of Magic Jelly Beans to thwart the efforts of the Picket Bird, who sabotages Aiden's dream.

Just when Aiden is most discouraged, he dreams a message from Easter bunny to "Toss the Magic Jelly Beans." Aiden decides to "believe" the message. When he plants more carrot seeds, he tosses the magic jelly beans into the garden. Later that summer when Aiden harvests his shimmering carrots, he understands the magic was always in his heart. He needed only to believe.

Eva Blue

Desperately Seeking Humor

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Shiver and the Missing Snow Pants