Pieces is a collection of short stories produced from creative
exercises of the Cleveland East Side Writers Group.  I am a
member of this group of aspiring authors and contributed several

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Eva Blue is my newest book.

Coloring books and crayons...What a wonderful way to spend
time together!
Join Gramma and Eva as they chat and color together.  
Gramma is wise (as all Gramma's are) and plans a birthday
luncheon for Eva's 8th birthday.  She shares with Eva her
coloring books from time gone by and then surprises her with
a gift to celebrate their special time together.  This is a
Read-n-Color book,  After reading the story, bring the story to
life by coloring the pictures.

I've already told you the history of my 1st book.  
This little gem continues to sell and comes in
handy at tax time!

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Watch for Shiver!  
This is another Read-n-Color book slated for publication
later in 2014!
Hello Every One Out There.

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                                                                                          Is there magic in gramma's

                                                          silver sugar bowl??

Jenna, age 6, says
"I love your book!  
My favorite color
is blue.  Write me
another book!"
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