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Hey kids!  Let's swap stories!

I want to hear from you!  Tell me your best coloring book stories.  
You know...all about your favorite coloring books, your favorite
color combinations, your favorite coloring buddy, maybe a story
about  who introduced you to coloring and maybe even about
when you thought you were too old to color!!  

I check out my color combinations by trying them out on the
inside of either the back or front cover of my coloring book.  My
granddaughter just turns the page and tries them on the other
side of the page she is coloring.  

Do you sign and date  your pictures?

Do you call them "color" books like I did?

Email me at:

This is me Gina Blue as a 7 year old kid.  In just one more year (8 years old) I
would be the
Best Colorer in the Whole
Wide World!!  

Don't ask!  Kids just KNOW these things!!