Gina Blue
What is First Reader Club?

Leonard Krashoc (his pen name is "KRASH") and I both write children's

stories.  In the past we took our stories to an adult writers' group for

constructive criticism.  Helpful?  Yes.

But then a flash of insight came to us:  Who better to read and

evaluate our stories than our audience:  the KIDS!

So that's how First Reader Club came into being.

First Reader Club is an opportunity for kids ages 8 through 12 to read,

evaluate and edit our unpublished stories...with parental supervision,

of course.  This is a free program.  Participating kids receive a packet

of materials, which includes a copy of the unpublished story, a red

pen, a yellow hi-liter and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Once

the completed project is returned to us, the kid receives a membership

card in the mail and his/her name will be included as a "Contributing

Editor" in the credits of the published book.  And...of course...each kid

who completes the project will receive a free copy of the published