Color With Gina at Harbor-Topky Library

June 27,2012                                                                                                                    

Today is the kick-off for                                   Parents, grandparents, and even
one great-grandparent, along with a zillion kids line up at the door!  It just
doesn't get better than that!

Miss Kathy, with the aid of her team, introduces the program.
While the bat is flying around the room and the kids are crazy with excitement,
I set up the coloring stations.  

With 32 kids in attendance and as many parents, grandparents and one (as far
as I know) great-grandparent, too, I need to be ready for a smooth transition to
the coloring segment.

Then...I hear my name and I'm being introduced as the guest speaker.  Wow!  
What a buildup!  Show time!


My mom and probably the only
great grandparent in the room.

Because she is sensitive about her age, I'll just
say she is four score and ten and let it go at that.)
Story time over, the kids move to their coloring

Take a look at their fine works of art.  They are
so proud !
Miss Kathy and her teen
volunteer call the kids up front
to receive their
Gina Takes A Walk
story strip.

The winner of her very own
copy of Eva Blue is...Ava!