Color With Gina at the Henderson Memorial Library  
June 27, 2012

A busy day for me...I present                            at
two locations.  First, here at
Henderson Memorial Library  
and then  at Harbor Topky Library.  

In spite of the confusion of building renovation, Miss Dee is
ready to go.  Let's join the fun at Henderson Library...
Tatum signs in along with with 17 other
Twelve of the 18 kids are under the
age of 6, so again there is a lot of
confusion and the event seems rushed.
While I am busy handing out leis, Sadie
Portman, reporter for the  Jefferson
Gazette, is taking pictures and gathering
information for  an article about my book,
Eva Blue.  The article ran on July 4, 2012.  
Click on the photo (L) to read the article.  
Unfortunately, the original article is available
on-line for subscribers only.  

See who wins the drawing!
Color With Gina
Ben and his mom wait for
story time to begin...
The kids gather around me to listen to the
story of Eva and her gramma, how they
spend time coloring together, and how
Gramma surprises Eva on her 8th birthday.  
Miss Dee includes this picture on the library
website.  Check it out.
Now...let the coloring begin!!
Matt and his little brother
show off their coloring efforts!
Color With Gina
You are welcome!
Color With Gina
Color With Gina
Color With Gina
Color With Gina