Color With Gina

...Miss Tina gets the "wiggles" out of the pre-schoolers...
Color With Gina at the Geneva  Library
June 26, 2012

Geneva Library opens at 11am.  When I arrive, moms and dads, grandmas and
grandpas and little kids line up at the door.  Usually the adults
drop off the kids and go on their way, but
not during Story Time at the Geneva

And this is what                               is all about...

Generations coming  together
coloring together!
Color With Gina
But before I read
Eva Blue to the kids...
 Once the wiggles are "wiggled out,"  the kids join their moms and dads and
grandmas and grandpas and listen as I tell the story of Eva Blue.  

Then, families move to the coloring tables.   Much to my surprise, the kids pull out
their individual plastic bags of crayons and...the coloring begins!

I didn't get a picture of the coloring event I'm sorry to say.  With pre-schoolers, the
program moves quickly and I need time to personalize story strips for the kids.  

However, a fun time is had by all and some parents even ask for additional pictures
to take with them.

And...finally...the drawing.  As each name is called, the kid comes forward to receive
his/her story strip of GinaTakes a Walk.  
And then..
drum roll...
Miss Tina draws the name for the
winner of his/ her very own copy of
Eva Blue... she is...

Her name is Grace and
she loves the color
Color With Gina
Color With Gina
Color With Gina
Color With Gina