Color With Gina at the Andover Library
May 15, 2012    

Here I am coloring with Jenna and Luke.     
Their mom, Melissa, and Miss Betsy (R) join
in the fun!!
Color With Gina
June 15, 2012

What a wonderful gathering of kids...all 6 of them!  Before I begin    
to read my story, I tell the kids there will be a drawing and one of       
them will win his/her very own copy of
Eva Blue!  They are
good         listeners !
Color With Gina

After the reading, we gather at the table to color illustrations from the       
story.    The hands down favorite is the charm bracelet picture.  The kids      
love to draw their special charm.  Carson draws two charms:  one of an        
American flag and one that says "Russia."  When I ask about the "Russia"     
charm, Carson says, "I want to go there some day."

Our gathering includes both a mom and a gramma.  Kierston's mom joins   in
the coloring; however, Carson and Mylee's gramma (LL) enjoys helping     
Mylee color.
We talk about many   things.

Brittany and Carson prefer            
Crayola brand crayons.  Rose Art    
brand is not hard enough in their      
opinion. Carson, however,               
prefers    to use colored pencils       
instead of crayons.

Desiree (back to camera) and      
Brittany (on my right) talk about       
being best friends for almost 3        
years.  In fact, Desiree still              
remembers the exact date when      
they met!  They fight a lot but          
always forgive each  other.

When it comes time for the drawing, the kids put their name tags in my hat and Miss Betsy does the     
honor of drawing the winning name.  I ask for a drum roll. The sound of galloping horses erupts as           
the  kids smack their hands on the table!  What fun!  And the winner is...Justice!  I autograph her book,    
but do not get a picture of her.

Another successful                                    event!
Color With Gina
Color With Gina
Color With Gina
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