During the summer of 2012, I was invited to share my "Color With Gina" program at 7 Ashtabula County
libraries:  Andover, Kingsville, Geneva, Henderson, Harbor-Topky, Rock Creek, and Ashtabula.

Let's take a look...  
We talk about many things while we color pictures from the Eva Blue story.  

We talk about the  importance
and unimportance of staying in the lines when we color.   Both
Melissa and Jaime agree it is important to do so although other children I met this summer do
not agree.   

The girls not only know what charm bracelets are, they each have one to wear.  Melissa' s
bracelet has  a charm she uses for good luck.  

Jaime's favorite color is blue like her eyes.  (Note:  Jaime chose  to wear a blue lei .)   Melissa is
crazy about purple.   (Note :  Melissa chose to wear a deep purple lei.)

Both girls prefer using colored pencils instead of crayons.  Melissa also likes using markers and
suggested I might add dry erase markers to my media supply.  (Thank you, Melissa, for a great

Melissa wins the drawing for her very own copy of
Eva Blue.  And she isn't even wearing her  

But luck is with Jaime too!   Jaime, along with Melissa, also receives a personalized, story strip  
Gina Takes a Walk) published by Placemark Books.  

Miss Hannah, Reading Program Director, joins in the coloring and also helps with the
photography.  Thank you, Miss Hannah!

After sharing an hour of fun, we said goodbye and went our separate ways!
July 18, 2012   

Here I am (Gina} coloring with Melissa and Jaime at the Rock Creek Public Library's summer reading
program.  Both girls (fast friends since kindergarten) sit at my feet as I read my story about
Eva Blue.
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Thank you, Gina Blue!
Eva Blue
Color With Gina at the Rock Creek Library