What is First Reader Club?

Leonard Krashoc (his pen name is "Krash") and I both write children's
stories.  In the past we took our stories to an adult writers' group for
constructive criticism.  Helpful?  Yes.

But then a flash of insight came to us:  Who better to read and
evaluate our stories than our audience:  the KIDS!

So that's how First Reader Club came into being.

First Reader Club
is an opportunity for kids ages 8 through 12 to read,
evaluate and edit our unpublished stories...with parental supervision,
of course.  This is a
free program.  Participating kids receive a packet
of materials, which includes a copy of the unpublished story, a red
pen, a yellow hi-liter and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Once
the completed project is returned to us, the kid receives a membership
card in the mail and his/her name will be included as a "
" in the credits of the published book.  And...of course...each kid
who completes the project will receive a free copy of the published

FRC is for Classroom Teachers Too!

OASIS (Ohio After School Instructional School), a 1st through 6th grade
math and reading intervention program in Ashtabula County has included
FRC in its lesson plans.  The teachers are using FRC as an incentive and
instructional tool in their reading program.  

To date two 6th graders have completed the
Marge project and four 1st
graders have completed the
Chockie's Birthday project.

The teachers agree the FRC project is a useful teaching tool for vocabulary,
spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.


March 17, 2014

Today  PlaceMarkBooks releases its latest children's book, Marge, and
sends out free copies to the story's 10 Contributing Editors, now charter
members of FRC:

Anthony Tripi, OH
Lillian Tayse Baillieul, OH
James Dawson, FL
Braki B., OH
Ryan Humphrey, OH
Eden V. Alexander, OH
Eleanor Bown, NZ
Jonathan Boun, NZ
Victor Stuchell, OH